Cody Walters

Cody is the guy to send when you need a 'fixer'. Right now. He knows how to get things done. Yesterday. Just watch him edit. It's kinda nuts how fast he can manage all the tools that go in to making  a great video. 

Speaking of tools, it’s possible Cody started working in video because of all the gadgets he gets to play with. Whether on set or in the edit room, he’s constantly testing new technologies and techniques to make every shot better. And when he’s not actually filming for clients, he has his producer cap on and planning the next big shoot. Whether orchestrating a production team or out on his own for a project, Cody works to make your project look its best.

Cody escaped the crushing heat of Texas to join us in Seattle last year and we’re pretty sure we have him hooked on the area, particularly the fine selection of beers we’re introducing him to. And when he’s not playing one of his many guitars he’s exploring the northwest with his wife and two kids.